Croc's Needle Nose Wire Strippers

by Rack A Tiers

Croc’s are the most versatile and comfortable electrical wire strippers you will ever use. The ergonomic handles are shaped to perfectly fit in your hand while you strip or crimp wire, saving your hands and wrists from soreness. Effortlessly strip standard AWG #10 – #22 wire and strip the outer jacket of 14/2 and 12/2 NMD using razor-sharp wire stripping blades. 

Built to be as functional as possible, these wire stripping pliers also have a convenient bolt cutter that can cut 6-32 and 8-32 machine screws and a general-purpose cutting blade. A quick-barrel sleeve crimper for terminal connectors makes these the most complete and best wire strippers. 

Every electrician that gets their hands on a pair of Croc’s wire strippers is impressed by how natural they are to hold. Croc’s are designed with your hands in mind so you can strip wire all day, faster and with less effort. With so many innovative features in one tool, Croc’s strippers will come in handy no matter what type of electrical work you are doing

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